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Incubus with Jimmy Eat World at Budweiser Stage

Photos by Neil Van

“Toronto! You have been the best crowd so far on this tour,” exclaimed lead singer, Jimmy Adkins, of Jimmy Eat World, during a relief moment half way through their set. A cloudy Saturday evening brought 90s heartthrobs, Incubus and Jimmy Eat World to a packed Budweiser Stage in the heart of Toronto. Supporting act was indie rockers, Judah & The Lion.

As the stage lights faded out, Arizona natives, Jimmy Eat World, quickly hailed front and center. Opening with “Sure and Certain” off their latest record, Integrity Blues (2016), the crowd gathered as close to the stage as they could get. Slowing transitioning into a cult favorite “Bleed American” off their 2001 successful and critically acclaimed album with the same title; the song began with the opening riff, the crowd and myself could not contain our excitement and began bopping our heads to each beat. Playing great hits like “Work” “Pain” and the famous acoustic tearjerker, “Hear You Me”, Jimmy Eat World left the audience in awe. Closing their set with the classic hit, “The Middle” Jimmy Akdins thanked the audience and labeled them as the “best crowd on tour” thus far.

After a fifteen-minute intermission, Incubus emerged to stage amidst a chanting crowd. The headliners opened their set with “Glitter Bomb” a recent single off their latest record, 8 (2017). The night grew twilight and with a 19 song set-list, the California natives were ready to rock the out door arena. The band played fan favorites throughout the night, such as “Wish You Were Here” which was accompanied by a small cover of “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd. A magical moment during the night was hearing “Drive” as a choir like performance was done by both the audience and band singing in cohesion “Whatever tomorrow brings,I’ll be there!” Although there wasn’t much dialogue given by the band during relief moments, the band expressed their gratitude through an encore performance of “Aqueous Transmission”, as guitarist, Michael Einziger, brought out a traditional Chinese instrument, Pipa, to play an under-rated song off their commercially successful album, Morning View (2001). A feeling of euphoria filled the arena with those around left with smiles and tears in their eyes. It was a great night and one to never forget.

Fans, later, left that night to be greeted to a rainy storm.


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