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Song Premiere : “Bad Habits” by Ruben Young

“Bad Habits” is a modern – vintage soul summer jam by Canadian R&B artist Ruben Young, and produced by Canadian hip hop legend, Classified. The third single of Ruben’s breakout year features his trademark raspy vocals, a nostalgic soul/hip hop groove, and a deadly hook.

Coming off of a huge summer of opening for The Chainsmokers, Akon and Classified, Ruben is excited to release the title single from his upcoming record, “The Bad Habits EP”

“Bad Habits” is an ode to the vices – to the temptation, the lust, and the games we can’t kick.
After reaching over 1 million streams (cross platform), and hitting the Hype Machine top 10, the iTunes Canada Pop top 30, the iTunes Electronic top 4, Spotify Canada’s Viral 50 top 13 between his last two singles, “Take Her Down” and “Running For You”, Ruben will be building on his momentum this summer as he aims to break into the commercial market with “Bad Habits” this summer.

Classified, multi-platinum selling, JUNO award winning artist, producer and writer has helped build the careers of emerging Canadian artists such as Ria Mae and David Myles. His notorious catchy soul/hip hop vibes have reached #1 on the Canadian Album Chart, and as high as #5 on the Canadian Hot 100 with the 4x Platinum “Inner Ninja”. He co-wrote and produced “Bad Habits”, and performed it live with Ruben at the Calgary Stampede in July.

From The Artist :
“Bad Habits” is a huge milestone for my career. To release a song that I created with Class; an artist I’ve looked up to for years is something that I think every artist dreams of. This song means a ton to me. Not only is it the title track for my upcoming EP, it is genuinely one of my favorite songs – seriously, I don’t even care that it’s my song – I can put it on any time and just vibe to it. I wrote Bad Habits in the fall of 2015, following my “relapse” for a girl I’d been chasing since I was 16 years old. She’s never been good for me, and I’ve known it all along. She was a friend’s little sister, so we snuck around, and kept our forbidden ‘relationship’ a secret. Over time, it became a dangerous affair. After 7 years of back and forth, I became her crutch – the one she could use when she felt alone, needed attention, or needed to feel sexy. But she was my forbidden secret – my bad habit. Even though I knew she was wrong for me, I kept going back because she was dangerous, and I loved that about her. I think everyone’s guilty of falling for someone who they couldn’t get over; even though they knew they needed to. Everyone has bad habit.” – Ruben Young

“Bad Habits” is available on iTunes August 4th

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