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DJ Jazzy Jeff with Hollerado and The Dirty Nil at Riverfest Elora – Day 2

The second day of Riverfest Elora brought just as much excitement and an even more diverse group of performances. When I arrived on the festival grounds in the afternoon I was eager to listen to some artists I had been looking forward to seeing for a while, and also discover new music that I would not have come across otherwise. 

I arrived in Bissell Park just in time to catch the second half of Shred Kelly’s performance. Although they didn’t have a huge crowd, the BC based group had those in the audience dancing with their indie/folk performance. 

I was really looking forward to seeing The Dirty Nil perform. They took to the tent stage in the afternoon, and the smaller space was packed full of fans with tons of energy. The performance was a lot of fun and rough around the edges in the best of ways. Shortly after, I headed over to the main stage, where Hollerado was performing. The indie-rock group performed some of their well-known singles such as “Americanarama” and “Juliette”, as well as some others from their most recent album “Born Yesterday”.  

Hollerado’s set was followed by a performance from Partner, an East Coast rock duo that lured an audience into the tent stage with a cover of AC/DC’s “It’s a Long Way to the Top”. They kept everyone going with performances of original songs such as “Everybody Knows You’re High” and “Hot Knives”. 

Arguably one of the most fun shows of the afternoon was that of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Skratch Bastid on the main stage. The DJ duo complimented each other so well while engaging in some playful competition on the turntables. The audience seemed to be having a great time, dancing through the entire set. The dancing continued through to the electro-pop performance from headliners of the evening, MGMT. The synthesized pop-rock sounds of this group were well-recognized by most of the audience, especially with their hits “Kids”, “Time to Pretend” and “Electric Feel”. 

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