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47: Make/Remake Dawn of the Dead

With the recent passing of Horror legend George A. Romero, we here at Contra Zoom thought we should honour him by dedicating an episode of Make/Remake to him.

In this Make/Remake series we discuss how remade films are both similar and different from each other, without going super in depth into if they are “good” or “bad” movies.

Much like the first iteration of this Make/Remake series (Seven Samurai/The Magnificent Seven), host Dakota Arsenault is joined once again by Stephanie Prior who also did the cover art for this episode. 

1978’s Dawn of the Dead directed by Romero was his second zombie film and a landmark horror movie. Combining body horror with a consumerist satire and comic book humour was a stroke of genius for the auteur as it propelled him into the mainstream movie going collective.  Throughout his life Romero made fifteen feature films. 

In 2004 Zack Synder made his directorial debut with a remake of Dawn of the Dead. At the time Synder was known for his work as a commercial director before given the reins to make his feature debut. Going for a more traditional thriller/horror film, he forwent the satirical take on the concept and made his mark on the industry, which lead him to eventually be the big shot behind the current DC cinematic universe and helming the new Superman and Justice League films. 

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