September Toronto & Music Tip Sheet

So while I basically took all the summer off (no Tip Sheet since April) that doesn’t mean I won’t go back to doing them. Like most people summer is a busy time. You have patios to go to where you drink too many sangria’s, cottages to swim at and festivals to indulge in too much of everything including great music. While summer will be over soon enough, it is still warm enough for a few outdoor shows to be on the books. Here are some highly anticipated shows of September.

Shabazz Palaces @ Lee’s Palace

September 1st, 2017

$22.00 | 19+

Shabazz Palaces is the brainchild of former Digable Planets rapper Ishmael Butler and his work with multi instrumentalist Tendai Maraire. The duo pulls from far out African influences and seeing how they intersect with jazz, hip-hop and psychedelic music creating something you won’t see anywhere else. They put out two great albums this year so check out the Palaces at the Palace.  

Lady Gaga @ Air Canada Centre

September 6-7th, 2017

$45.00-$275.00 | All Ages

Last LiL Coverage

I never really fancied myself a Lady Gaga fan before, but Joanne did have some really great tracks and when Lady Gaga comes to town, it is an event. Having two Toronto dates shows just how big she is and she always has a big spectacle of a show. 

Queens of the Stone Age with Royal Blood @ Budweiser Stage

September 9th, 2017

$29.25-$79.25 | All Ages

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QOTSA has always been a hard rocking act, straddling the ability to be one of the biggest rock bands in existence and being slightly underrated to the point that they get forgotten about when discussing headlining acts. They just put out their 7th album and they are as great as they ever have been. Looking at their current setlists and you forget just how many hit songs they have in their catalogues, a testament to Josh Homme’s ability to craft indelible tunes. They are touring with Royal Blood who are their spiritual children in creating a ton of noise and havoc. 

Simple Plan @ Danforth Music Hall

September 16th, 2017

$49.50-$60.00| All Ages

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15 years ago I got my first professional acting job appearing in the music video for I’d Do Anything and to celebrate Simple Plan is hitting the road to play the record in full and to honour me. While most of that previous sentence is accurate like the acting bit and the anniversary part, they aren’t actually honouring me (at least not yet), but if you totally want to relive how being a teenager was literally the end of the world you should go to the No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls show.

Oh Wonder @ Danforth Music Hall

September 18-20th, 2017

$27.50-$35.00| All Ages

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Am I reading this right? Oh Wonder is doing three shows at Danforth? My how this English duo has blown up. This summer they released their second album Ultralife to great acclaim and are hitting the road hard this year. Catch them now at a semi intimate venue before they end up playing the ACC next record cycle. 

The Life Aquatic – A Tribute To David Bowie W/ Seu Jorge @ Massey Hall

September 19th, 2017

$46.50-$107.50 | All Ages

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While it has been over a year since David Bowie passed away suddenly, things haven’t gotten any easier without him. Ziggy left a mark on music unmatched by anyone else. Seu Jorge made a name for himself when he appeared in Wes Anderson’s film The Life Aquatic as a crewmember who sang Bowie songs in Portuguese and strummed on an acoustic guitar. The Brazilian sensation returns to honour the great and play a set of all Bowie songs for a cathartic night.

Joseph @ The Mod Club

September 20th, 2017

$20.00| 19+

Last LiL Coverage

The folk/country rockers had a fantastic set at Field Trip earlier this summer, but the sisters return as they continue to work their way up the ladder gaining new fans every show they play. If you still haven’t seen White Flag performed live yet, you really need to see them.

Pinegrove @ The Velvet Underground

September 22nd, 2017

$20.00| All Ages

The New Jersey power punks become indie darlings in the last two years when publications like Pitchfork heaped a ton of praise on them and promoted them heavily. Cardinal is one of the most fun records in the last few years and their heavily anticipated follow up can’t come soon enough. 

The Lemon Twigs @ Lee’s Palace

September 23rd, 2017

$29.50-$69.50 | 19+

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Artists that borrow from past musical greats are often said to have been born in the wrong era, usually it is hyperbole. With The Lemon Twigs this statement is probably the most true of anyone else. They really don’t seem to fit in in 2017 and that is all right. With their high-waisted bellbottoms, haircuts not currently in style, coke bottle glasses and unironic love of corduroy there is nothing that screams 2017 about the band. Oh and their music is so firmly rooted in early 70’s rock you would be hard pressed for someone giving them a blind listen and being able to convince them they are a new band. 

Birds of Bellwoods with Midnight Vesta @ The Mod Club

September 23rd, 2017

$29.50-$69.50 | 19+

Last LiL Coverage

Over the past few years Birds of Bellwoods have slowly been making the rounds gaining fans bit by bit. While they aren’t a household name yet, with their album release party pairing them up with fellow folkies Midnight Vesta, in due time they will be. The band has already released a few singles already and shows incredible promise of what is to come. Their live shows are basically folklore in the Toronto scene now so even if you don’t know them they will entertain the hell out of you.

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