Song Premiere : ‘Go Outside’ by Crystal Bright

From The Artist : ” ‘Go Outside’ is probably the most uplifting song I’ve written so far. It started as a jam session with my guitar player and I, then he picked out some parts that I came up with on the piano and structured it on protools. I was experimenting with a 3 against 4 rhythm. Then I wrote the lyrics an melody over it, which is a different process than normal. The message is about listening to your instinct and living your life the way you see fit, instead of what society and the powers that be dictate, and standing together to make it happen. ”

Crystal Bright shares ‘Go Outside’; a must-listen ballad soaked in orchestral strings and close harmonies. It’s the newest release from the award-winning songwriter and ethnomusicologist and is the exciting first taste of what to expect from Bright’s upcoming EP ‘Staring At The Sun’, due in November.
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