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Video Premiere : “Book” by Sierra Blanca

From The Artist : “”Book” was the last song I wrote for the EP. I don’t usually write with much of a political theme, but it’s somewhat present in the song. It comes from the feeling of disappointment and anger with leadership in government regarding social and racial injustice, putting greed over the well being of the people and our environment, and just how things in the U.S. are going in general. I wanted to make this video about the polar opposite of those ideals. I wanted to make it about friendship, the beauty of nature and the human experience. So a bunch of friends and I went out in the woods in one of Tennessee’s beautiful state parks to enjoy the scenery, hang out and film this video.” -Jethro Gaglione

Nashville/El Paso-based, indie folk artist, Sierra Blanca, drops the video “Book” from his upcoming EP, Honorable Mention, due out November 10, 2017. “Book” is a highly relatable song in the current socio-political climate, as it addresses social injustice, distrust and disappointment in politicians, the government and the state of the country.

Jethro Gaglione, aka Sierra Blanca, is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist, who began playing music as part of the worship group for his parents’ missionary team in Mexico. They traveled all around the country living in old re-purposed school buses and putting up tents for “church” meetings. Starting with keyboards, Gaglione added bass, guitar, and drums to his repertoire and started jamming with local bands upon moving to the US in 2002. He started a project called “A Main Street Marvel” from 2007 to 2015 and changed the name to Sierra Blanca when he relocated to Nashville in 2015. Refining his live performance with shows across the Southeast, Gaglione cites Louis Armstrong, Fleetwood Mac, and Amy Winehouse as influences on his hybrid of indie, folk, soul and pop. His sound has been compared to that of Feist, David Ramirez and older Death Cab for Cutie.

Stay tuned for more material leading up to the release of Honorable Mention and catch Sierra Blanca live on November 9 at The Cobra in Nashville to celebrate the album’s release.

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