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LP Premiere : ‘Born At Night ‘ by Big City Cough

From the Artist : “The album’s title came from the fact that I’m a night owl. I tend to burn the midnight oil all the time, and the creation of the material kept with that pattern. As it happens I was born at night time, and so was all the music on this record. Recorded mostly in living rooms in Toronto with a super-basic mobile studio setup and a few half-decent mics with tons of bleed from the noise of the outside world. I didn’t even take much care to avoid the sound of my laptop fan bleeding into the recording… I just chalked that up to “modern tape hiss” haha. I’m a big fan of just capturing the idea when it’s as fresh as possible – that moment in time where you have a concept and it is pure & unfettered by anything else.”

Toronto native Sean Beresford has mostly been ‘someone else’s guitar player’, it afforded him the opportunity to explore countless different genres and stages, until a chance encounter with an old acoustic guitar and a misplaced plectrum brought forth songs of curious intrigue. 2016 saw the tracking of an album of original finger-style acoustic tunes infused with a generous serving of moody ambient soundscapes. This isn’t a record of John Fahey covers though. A heavy dose of spontaneity let’s these songs become living, breathing compositions. You feel like you’re in the room while your hearing these songs, even as they transport you into other time periods, altered zones. Throughout the record you’re carried away into surreal landscapes, similar to early 2000s Constellation Records recordings (think Set Fire To Flames, Godspeed at their most abstract) or the new string of disorientating records from The Caretaker.. The sonic presentation almost makes you feel like you’re walking around building, catching glimpses into the hidden lives of the occupants. ‘Born At Night’ is a record to lie back with headphones on and forget where you are, or walk around a city and have your experiences heightened. Whatever you do, and where ever you do it, let this album into your life.
The debut album by Big City Cough is out November 3, 2017.
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