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52: State of the Cinematic Universe

For this massive episode Sammy Feilchenfeld joins Dakota Arsenault again to talk about all things concerning the new trend of “Cinematic Universes”, starting with reviews of both Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok the films that helped kick this new style of moving making off.

After reviewing the two latest superhero movies, the guys look to see what the future holds for both the MCU and DCEU.

For the MCU about 20 films are already in the pipeline to come out over the next 10 years barring no major catastrophe.

For something more immediate, we learn that Marvel’s first female lead film, appropriately named Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson, has just cast Jude Law. 

Sony wants to get in on the action after lending Marvel Spider-Man, and has decided to start its own Spider-centric universe, with the first movie being based on Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Venom.

Sammy praises the new Monster-verse kicked off with Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island for starting a franchise off right. 

The guys also belittle the very poorly conceived “Dark Universe” that started with this year’s The Mummy and how its poor reception has caused the entire planned universe to be scrapped.

– Also talked about is the X-Men series and how Deadpool is connected to it, the Star Wars series and how Rian Johnson is about to be given carte blanche to explore the galaxy from long, long ago to new heights and The Incredibles among other movie related offerings. 

Music from this episode is Teach Me by folk singer Caren. You can catch her December 19th at the Horseshoe Tavern and January 27th at Musiikki Café in Kingston. 

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