From the artist : “Self Medicine is a collection of songs that reflects my life and journey as a songwriter from the last three years – manifesting in stories about life and love as a twenty-something, a female, a creative, and a human. This EP means a lot to me because it showcases my development as a songwriter and an artist, and how I’ve grown since Petal, my last release in 2013. In contrast to my first record, which was produced by myself and Jordan Wiberg- I collaborated with multiple producers this time around, including Nashville’s Jason Massey (Kelsea Ballerini), Calgary based producer and guitar player Russell Broom, and Joel Fraser, whom I pulled from the world of EDM production to help me give a really fresh take on country sound. I’m so excited to share this EP with the world, as it’s been a labor of love for literally years; I think it shows a different side of me than what people have seen in the past – one that indulges my pop influences as well as my affinity for storytelling and classic country. I hope people can identify with the songs and find a sense of catharsis and “Self Medicine” within the narratives, because that is what they have been for me. ”

Self + Medicine is available on January 5.