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Song Premiere : ‘Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely’ by Dante Matas

From The Artist : “Musically, I’ve always loved when lots of melodies collide in pleasant ways. I wanted to make a song where several different melodies introduced throughout the track end up all playing at the same time at the end. The synth break is supposed to feel like the song is about to fall apart, and then the collision of melodies and lyrics that follow are meant to tie it all together. Lyrically, the narrator of the song is projecting the future collapse of a friendship or relationship by acting as if it already happened. I wanted to write from the perspective of someone having an absurdly over the top reaction to something that’s left entirely unspecified. I think excessive emotional responses to things can sometimes make you forget why you’re feeling the way you feel in the first place, so the lyrics really focus on the effect rather than the cause.”

With an MA in Philosophy and a penchant for poetry and creative writing, Dante has combined his interests to create his own unique brand of indie-pop, folk, and experimental music. He is influenced by the likes of Radiohead, Tame Impala, Sufjan Stevens, Paul Simon, The Beatles, and Leonard Cohen among many others. Dante’s music tends to have a contemplative and introspective character to it, but never at the expense of a catchy melody.

New song ‘Everything Nearly Feel Apart Completely’ showcases Dante’s new exploration of more psych-pop leaning sounds, expanding on his previous folk-troubadour image. The song explodes with a ray of sunshine, melodies reaching out to the listener in glorious technicolour. The production shimmers with expertly crafted instrumentation and luxurious harmonies. Ambitious Pop music. Don’t forget the capital P. The track takes cues from previous generations, but never feels anything other than 2018. The accumulation of influences and talent position his new record as the perfect balancing act; past and future combined for an exquisite memorable spin around the sun.

His new LP ‘A Colourful Headache’ is out May 4th.

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