Rising indie-pop singer Sydney Jaffe brings us her latest single “Complicated”. The song is an upbeat, catchy-as-hell electro-pop track that has all the makings of a summer smash. Top-notch production coupled with the danceable rhythm and Sydney’s fantastic vocals drive the track and make it impossible not to keep on repeat.

“‘Complicated’ is a song about being vulnerable,” says the singer. “Thought it may seem more like a song about frustration, I want the song to express the importance of talking to people that mean something to you. We are so consumed by social media and conversations behind screens that we rarely get the chance to open up to people in person, and I think that ‘Complicated’ is my way of expressing just one of those instances where all we need is that conversation.”
The native New Yorker grew up surrounded by Broadway and began singing at the young age of 6. Naturally drawn to musical theatre, Sydney soon realized her true passion was for singing. By the time she was 13, she was recording her own covers and eventually developing her own unique pop sound.

Sydney is influenced by strong women in the industry such as P!nk and Demi Lovato, not only for their incredible musical talent but also for their personas. “I love seeing strong women making amazing music,” she says. She is drawn to Demi’s drive of constantly being present for her fans and continuously improving herself. P!nks accepting nature encompasses the image which she presents to her audiences, and that resonates with Sydney. With her own music, every song that Sydney creates has something to do with her, her life, and her story. She believes that is essential to creating good music because if it means something to her, then it will mean something to someone else, and that sentiment shines through on this new single.