From The Artist : “I see the song “Gold” as a love song with a hint of insanity. The perspective I’m singing from is longing for and envisioning a perfect future relationship. However, it’s desperate and unhealthy. The goal of absolute perfection is unrealistic. ”

California raised singer and songwriter Someya is continuing to break down barriers in the music industry with her unique voice and her lyrical storytelling. Ever since she was in middle school, she has appeared in professional productions and attended programs at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Now at sixteen years old, she is a multi-instrumentalist and writes songs that explore themes of the shared human experience, the complex and nuanced relationships people forge with one another, and the intricacies of emotional responses to diverse situations. Her new single “Gold” is a lesson that all listeners needs.

When listening to “Gold,” Someyas sultry voice echoes in the listener’s ear as she sings about how impractical it is to have “the perfect relationship.” This track is as amazing as it is relatable. In this day in age of looking for the perfect relationship and seeing the couples on social media that are declared #relationshipgoals, “Gold” gives the audience the hard truth of how unhealthy it is to desire these perfect relationships. “Gold” has received numerous amounts of positive feedback since its release. Celebmix stated that “lyrically the track comes across as both haunting and intimate and is a perfect introduction to the rising star’s attentive songwriting (which she has been doing since the age of 5) and delicate vocals.” Someya is the type of talented artist the music industry needs. Listen to “Gold” and other her tracks on her EP “The Flame” on ITunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and other sources.