Top Educational Films For Students Development

For most of the people watching movies is just great entertainment. Students, however, are meant to be taught at every possible opportunity – which also means through educational videos.

A good combination of education and fun may not be a bad idea. After all, classroom video is one of the commonly used teaching resources. Many students appreciate a cinema-time at school much more than they value another boring lecture.

We can find plenty of really interesting movies, but which ones of them could actually be beneficial for the personal development of school pupils? I have chosen my three top educational films. Although they are very diversified, each one shows young people who find themselves in the crucial moments of their lives.

3. The Social Network (2010)

Currently, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users. Using it is a daily activity of many people – especially students. 8 years ago David Fincher decided to show the world how the story of that very popular site has begun. 

You might think that this movie is just another boring documentary. In fact, it most definitely is not. Obviously, the main highlight is on the famous social network. However, what makes this film a good educational material is its drama side. Jesse Eisenberg (photo) pictures Mark Zuckerberg as a student who is not perfect at all. He is ready to sacrifice a lot for his goal, but at the same time, the young man struggles to maintain relationships with many different people around him. 

 This movie will leave you with a lot of reflections about human nature and priorities. What is the real value of dreams, friendship, honesty or money? What are we ready to sacrifice in order to get the one thing which we truly desire? Well, perhaps everyone needs to decide for themselves.

2. Good Will Hunting (1997)

This movie was created over 20 years ago and is still able to touch the hearts of many different people. Matt Damon and Robin Williams make absolutely one of a kind duet on the screen. But what is really so extraordinary about this film?

The main character, Will Hunting, is a young genius who can solve complicated mathematics tasks within a blink. If you ever wanted to pay for assignment, this boy could prepare you a real masterpiece. Unfortunately, Will’s life is not a bed of roses. His dark past makes it impossible for him to truly enjoy the present. The young man cannot appreciate his great gift and have issues with building long-term relationships with new people.

 Luckily for him, our young genius gets to meet a humble and very intelligent therapist who decides to give the boy a hand. Thanks to this amazing man, Will gets up the courage to look into himself and discover what really matters in his existence. The film is full of unique thoughts and deep scenes. Some of them may leave you with tears in the eyes.

1. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

War is the time of death, fear, and evil. In the movie directed by Mark Herman, we have a chance to see WWII from the perspective of Bruno – young son of German concentration camp commandant. This kid is safe, rich and excited to discover the world around him.

Bruno does not understand the tragedy of what is happening around him. One day boredom leads him to start a friendship with a Jewish prisoner of the camp. The boy, Shmuel, soon becomes an important person for Bruno. During the scary times, innocent children are able to talk regularly, play and spend a lot of time together which all quickly become part and parcel of both of their lives.

The movie shows how terribly the war can destroy everything what is beautiful and what really matters. It also allows to notice that there are no differences between humans – everybody feels happiness and love and also everybody can be hurt. 

We can probably learn something from every movie. As I see it, the titles mentioned above are especially good choices for students who seek inspiration and are about to make important choices in their lives. 

What are your favorite educational movies? Have you seen some or all of my propositions? Have fun watching and developing yourselves!