From The Artist : The Wolf is easily our most psychedelic endeavour to date. We’ve never played it the same way twice, and have every intention of keeping it that way. It’s difficult to tell if the song will be over in 3 minutes or 10, so we don’t play it live that often, but the payoff when everything clicks is always worth it. Lyrically, the song leans on a lot of imagery, touching briefly on two characters in the story: the “New Age Messiah,” and the “Queen Of The Lonely.” I always try to leave my lyrics open to interpretation, so it’s purposely ambiguous which character is considered “The Wolf.”

Onionface is a rock n roll band from Ottawa, Ontario. After winning Toronto’s Deli Magazine Artist Of The Month competition in November 2018 in a landslide victory, the trio has their sights set on breaking into the Toronto market on an even bigger scale in 2019. “The Wolf” is the first of two videos filmed and recorded live at Wolf Lake Studios in Lac-des-Loups, Quebec by Jeff Watkins and Mike Bond, respectively. Onionface will be celebrating it’s release with shows at the Corktown Pub in Hamilton Jan 18th, and Duffy’s Tavern in Toronto Jan 19th alongside Toronto natives Jailbirds.