Lush Review : Moon Spell Bath Bomb

Moon Spell was introduced as part of Lush’s 30 Years of Bath Bombs Collection. I didn’t even look at the scent when I added it to my cart as I just loved the combination of pink and blue. To my surprise this bomb ended up being a lot more complex than I anticipated and had a sweet citrusy type scent to it. At first I was disappointed with the pink side as it wasn’t making much foam for bath art, but then I realized that it was a jelly bomb and also had cute little star shaped confetti in it while the blue side was a slow fizzer. The two halves are connected by a moon shaped piece that fits together like a puzzle. I really enjoyed all the little details Lush put into this bomb, they suggest that you could use each half for two baths but I think it was a lot nicer to put both halves in.


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