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Video Premiere : “Of Love And Lost” by Innes Wilson

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From The Artist : It is with great pleasure that I introduce “Of Love And Lost”, my latest single and an exciting new music video.

I believe that to truly let yourself love someone else is the bravest thing one can do, and it takes a heart that must be deep and strong. To share true care and compassion and to be unrelenting in the effort of love is where I can get lost.

This song is really about the vastness of love and also the emptiness of loss, which was important to communicate in the music video. I’ve always loved old movies and TV shows that would use miniatures instead of CGI, and my good friend Ross Millar has been making brilliantly detailed Sci-fi dioramas which I’ve marvelled at for years. With his intricate, static scenes, he would beautifully capture the loneliness and cold emptiness of space. It came to me that this could be exactly how I could tell the story of this song in a creative way. I pitched it to Ross and he was immediately on board. We exchanged our ideas, Ross built and designed the sets and then we brought in our pal John Forbes to film it. So three old buddies, each with our respective abilities, who saw the potential to do something very cool, got together and made this project a reality.

This song is dedicated to all those who love, and to all the lost loves.

A quiet and modest artist, Innes writes and creates music prolifically in his Guelph, Ontario home. Most often, the tenor guitar and harmonica provide the foundation for his music, which is layered with his rich, dynamic vocals. Innes approaches his songwriting as an exploration of sound, preferring not to be confined by any particular genre or mould. His songs and performance take the audience through a landscape of emotions using descriptive lyrics that he has so carefully crafted. Not content with a single medium, Innes also works in block printing, water colour painting, and photography – all of which are inspired by his avid exploration of backcountry wilderness and a love of ornithology.

His new single “Of Love And Lost” is an excellent representation of his complex, multi-faceted take on folk. The acoustic guitar and echoing reverb lay a foundation for his dynamic, rich vocals. The video accompaniment is a true labour of DIY love. Using miniatures, the video is able to capture the stillness of space to augment the tension found in the music. it’s an example of song and image both elevating each other to new heights. The collaboration found on ‘Of Love And Lost’ is a rallying call for more like-minded individuals to find common ground in their artistic endeavours.

Innes then took a 6-year hiatus and returned in 2017 with the subsequent release of several new records: Bedford Hills (produced by Adam Warren), Northumberland Slums (self-produced), and Seaview EP, which featured the talented members of WHOOP-Szo as his backing band. With each release, Innes Wilson has received praise and radio airplay across the country. His albums have charted locally and nationally at college & community stations, with Northumberland Slums reaching #1 on !earshot’s National Folk Chart in 2018. His new album “The Heart That Holds This Up” is out August 16th on Out of Sounds Records.

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