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Song Premiere: “Corners” by B.Knox

From the Artist: “It was important to get the tone of the song right above all else. We worked hard in the studio to find the space between eerie and sad – like a lot of my songs. I’m kind of old to be taking on a career in music full time. What started as a personal vanity project is now taking shape in a very public way, and I hear interviews and read articles with contemporaries my age talking about their years in the business and releasing numerous albums. I guess I just feel that I have some catching up to do. On the up side, I’ve got a few years of life and experience under my belt to draw from.”

Info: “Corners” is a rootsy, imagistic, alt-country track. Spacious pedal steal layers the song with cinematic vibes, eveloping B.Knox’s voice to enforce maximize emotional depth. The band barnstorms its way throughout, harkening back to the loose vibes you would of found on a 70s Neil Young record with the Stray Gators or Crazy Horse. Like those albums, the songwriting holds everything together, never losing sight of the overall message.

The sophomore single ‘Corners’ from B.Knox is a roots-driven portrait of time passing, and the inescapable feeling that it may also be slipping away:

Hear the ticking of the clock

Who I am, what I’m not

Voices echo, never very clear

Are they the words I need to hear?

‘Corners’ is a plaintive cry that conjures feelings of wasted potential, lost time, and the fear that good advice has been poorly received. At the song’s heart, it is “searching for those reasons to fill the void within” but doing so in the knowledge that we can all “hear the brush strokes fall around the corner” we paint ourselves in. Maybe not a song of hope but certainly one of honest and melancholy acceptance.

Both ‘Corners’ and ‘Stars and Burnt Bridges’ are on streaming services this Friday August 16th.

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