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Video Premiere : “Creature” by Shawn Kerr

From the Artist : The basic foundations for the whole EP came to me in a dorm room at a Toronto hostel sometime around 2:00 am last summer. I had a bunch of friends from my hometown visiting the city for a show. I showed up later in the night and met them at the hostel they were all staying at. From what I remember of the evening, I found myself on the top bunk of one of the beds zoning out, staring at the ceiling a couple feet away from me. Out of the blue I started to feel this connection between my journey as a person and my journey as an artist. Lately I’ve been realizing what kind of people and energy I want to surround myself with. I could see how much that process was connected to what I’ve been chasing after musically. I spent the rest of the night writing on this picture of someone waking up within their art and mind with a fresh set of eyes and where that could take them. This laid the foundation for the all the concepts within the EP. For Creature, I wanted to make a song about what it feels like to let go of negative routines and develop more positive ones that cultivate someone you would rather be. The Creature represents the Ego and how it can get in the way of your development. It can seem like quite an uncomfortable venture to dive into yourself and see what you want to change, but I’ve found that so much of my happiness comes from some form of letting go. So musically, I wanted to make something a little more fun. I wanted to show how attractive this process actually is and how you can coast through life much easier knowing what makes you tick. I had this idea for the music video to be a POV of someone going through this ego dissolution process. I wanted you to feel like you were going on this adventure within your mind while trekking through a forest with no real sense of physical direction. You’re too focused on the process in your mind to move physically in a linear fashion, so things get distorted and a little funky along the way. My great friend and art collaborator Jeremy Moore and I went to various green spaces to capture this journey.

Singer-songwriter Shawn Kerr grew up surrounded by music in small-town northern Ontario, on the banks of Georgian Bay in Parry Sound. He studied piano from a young age and played drums in hardcore bands in high school before completing a degree in drum set performance and music cognition at McMaster University in 2016.

During his time in Hamilton, he played drums in alternative folk band The Human Orchestra. When The Human Orchestra disbanded, Kerr took the opportunity to pursue a self-titled solo project, making the transition to guitar and vocals. He won a recording contest found on kijiji in 2016, which provided him with the opportunity to put together an EP at Hamilton studio Green Room Recording and kick-started a year-long domestic and international tour around Canada and New Zealand. Upon his return to Canada, Kerr spent a year in Parry Sound developing and refining his love for creating rhythmically-complex songs with richly visual lyrics. After recently working and performing in Argentina, Antarctica and Norway, further refining his sound, Kerr has relocated to Toronto and completed recording his new EP, Coming To, which he looks forward to sharing alongside a new live show.

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