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Song Premiere : “Mother” by Sex Machine Octopus

From The Artist : “Mother” was written when we were pretty young. The song is based on Laurent’s relationship with his own mother. We wanted it to feel very personal and organic but at the same time to be rich musically. “Mother” is one of the pieces we are the most proud of on “Plastic Scenes”. Laurent used to spend hours staring at the walls and the trees from his window as a kid. Thinking they were monsters. Which ultimately inspired the hook for the song.

Since its creation in 2015, Sex Machine Octopus has been shy about sharing their music with the rest of the world. Fluctuating between alternative rock and indie folk, this eclectic formation from Montreal keeps evolving towards a sound they can call their own. It was in high school that Laurent Boland (vox and guitar), Oliver Cohen-Daigle (bass) and Samuel Morissette (drums) developed a friendship based on playing music together. The fourth member, Georges Gagnon (guitar), who was already in college would go on to join the band a few months later. Without really having a vision for the project, the band release their first EP “Fish in the Sea” in November of 2016. As time advanced, S M O turned to a much groovier and punchier style of songwriting. This was achieved with the help of collaborating for the first time with other artists and musicians. For the better part of 2018 and 2019, the band has been working on a full-length debut album “Plastic Scenes”. Assisting the creation of the album is studio wizard Nicolas Roberge from Greenroom Studios. “Plastic Scenes” is set to be released next October. The album reflects the band eclectic feel with its ever-changing ambiance and scenery.

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