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Song Premiere: “Clarice” by The Crowleys

From the artist: “Clarice is about an uncertainty within yourself when struggling with mental health issues, as well as the lingering feelings of loneliness and sorrow that come with those experiences.Though the song is not about a specific person or event, it pulls from real emotions and a motivation to delve deeper into oneself. 

The song was produced by Michael Keire and Cohen Wylie at Threshold recording studio. The band has a long history working with Mike at Threshold and it has resulted in some of their best music being made. Mike is constantly encouraging the band to push the envelope and to try new things in the studio, while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for the band members to express themselves.”

About the artist:

Ethereal tones, scintillating riffs and shimmering melodies. The Crowleys merge mind-bending psychedelic rock with bubblegum melodies that will blow your mind and have you dancing along impulsively. 

Born of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, The Crowleys consists of Cohen Wylie (guitar, vocals), Stuart Downie (drums, vocals), Giulianna Frontini (vocals) and brothers Justyn (synth, guitar) and Collin Horlick (bass, bass synth). The group was formed by Cohen, Stuart, Justyn and Collin while attending high school. The early years of the band were defined by kaleidoscopic instrumental tunes that had a distinct psych-rock sound. The band quickly became known for putting on stage-rattling live shows and began playing shows through the Greater Toronto Area with their impressive catalogue of original music. 

When Justyn and Stuart moved to Peterborough for university, the group used the opportunity to play gigs in a new area and expand their audience. All along, they continued to evolve their songwriting abilities and developed a more psych-pop vibe offering up vocal melodies backed with celestial, guitar-heavy music that can be heard in tracks like L.A. Sunset and Pink Rainbows. Playing shows in Hamilton, Toronto and Peterborough meant long, late nights on the road between and after gigs. But the move ultimately paid off when the group met now lead vocalist, Giuliana Frontini. Giuliana’s vocals add a welcomed sound to the Crowleys, giving them a more refined sound that reinforces the group’s vision. 

With the band back in Hamilton, and looking ever towards the future, The Crowleys prepare to release some of their best work. With a focused vision and a huge love for what they do, The Crowleys shine with their groovy, genre-bending sound.

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