World Premiere

Song Premiere : “Ironside” by Brielle Ansems

Artwork by Ghostiel

From The Artist : I was coming out of the aftermath of my first long-term relationship and feeling an itch under my skin to do something reckless. I lived across from a tattoo parlour at the time, called Ironside Tattoo & Piercing. Everytime I came home or glanced out my window, I would see that little shop and think about getting a tattoo. Something to mark a new chapter. To put a seal on the past and trigger some sort of new confidence in myself. That confidence is definitely a work in progress. This song was heavily inspired by life in downtown Charlottetown. There’s something about the local shops, the cobblestones of Victoria Row, and the softly glowing iron lamp posts that inspires a sort of solitary romance. A gritty, pulsing, unassuming energy that can wash over you like an ocean if you let it.

Born in Hamilton, Ontario and raised in Montague, PEI, Brielle Ansems has grown up with music on her lips and a creativity fostered by Prince Edward Island’s artistic community. As an avid reader, writer, and a recent graduate of Holland College School of Performing Arts Theatre Performance program, her lyric-focused music is an emotionally charged, poetic experience.

Brielle’s new single “Ironside” features her emotionally charged vocals over a building, hypnotic folk-pop track. Produced with Adam Gallant at The Hill Sound Studio, the song bubbles with emotional energy, transcending the folk genre and becoming a singular entity.

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