5 Fun Family Activities in St. Albert

St. Albert is a relatively small Candian city just outside of Edmonton. However, just because the city is relatively small in size, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to do in the area. In fact, there are actually several activities that can keep you and your whole family entertained while in town. What exactly are these great entertainment options? Here are five fun family activities that St. Albert has to offer.


St. Albert has several great museums that you and your family can enjoy while you’re visiting. These museums cover a variety of topics and are closely related to the area’s history. Not only are these areas extremely interesting, but they also have educational value as well, making visiting them a perfect choice for a family activity. While in town you can visit the Grain Elevator Park,  the Little White School, or the Musée Heritage Museum, all of which can provide your family with some interesting backstory about the area. 

Natural Sights

The city is known as the Botanical Arts City, so naturally, there will be some great natural sights around the area. The people in St. Albert love nature and strive to conserve it, so the surrounding area is absolutely gorgeous. You could visit Botanic Park or the Healing Garden, both of which have plenty of beautiful greenery on display. One great way to spend a day is to set up a picnic in the park and just enjoy nature’s beauty. Who knows, you might be so enthralled with the area’s beauty that you even start looking for St. Albert homes for sale. 


One of the best family activities to do regardless of location is hiking. Hiking is a great family activity for a wide variety of reasons. First, it is easily accessible and requires little to no equipment. In addition, you can tailor your hiking experience to the physical capabilities of your family, meaning that all members of your family can take part. Finally, hiking has plenty of benefits, as exercise is great for physical health and actually has a lot of mental benefits as well. Thankfully, there are plenty of hiking trails around St. Albert, allowing you and your family to take part in this great activity while you’re in town.

Farmer’s Market

A great thing about the local area is the St. Albert Farmers’ Market. Here vendors from all over the area come to sell their wares to eager customers. Some vendors may sell fresh produce and food, while others may focus on arts and crafts. The quality of goods sold is extremely high at this market, and prices are usually much lower than you would find in any chain store. There’s surely something for everyone at this market, so why not take the family to see what you can find?

West Edmonton Mall

Although not directly in St. Albert, Edmonton is close enough that St. Albert visitors can still enjoy what the city has to offer. Only a few miles separate the two cities, meaning that Edmonton is just a short drive away. You could experience an NHL game and see the Oilers, but one of the best family experiences you could have is at the West Edmonton Mall. Here you and your family can experience all different kinds of shops, stores, activities, and even arcades. You could make a whole day out of visiting the mall, and it is sure to have something that everyone in the family can enjoy.