68: Peter Voss

For the 68th episode of NEOHUMAN, Agah is chatting with Peter Voss. Peter is a serial entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence, who also has careers as an engineer and scientist. His experience includes growing a computer solutions company from zero to a 400-person IPO. For the past 15 years his focus has been on developing AGI (artificial general intelligence). In 2009 Peter founded Smart Action Company, which offers the only call automation solution powered by an AGI engine. He now heads up Inc., which is developing and selling increasingly advanced AGI systems. Peter also has a keen interest in the inter-relationship between philosophy, psychology, ethics, futurism and computer science. They talk about wide range of subjects, including Artificial Intelligence & Artificial General Intelligence, politics, ethics & morality, philosophy, DeepMind and OpenAI, and Peter’s definition of intelligence & IQ.



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