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Song Premiere : “Like A Ghost” by S.K. Wellington

From The Artist : “This is as about a stereotypical as it gets I suppose. It was inspired by losing a long-term relationship. It would have made for an epic Country-song (they took the dog and all) but I decided to go in a different direction. I was so broken by the loss of this relationship that all of my inhibitions and fears about music and arranging and producing went right out the window. This was 100% a project I pursued for my own healing and passion. Zero thought given to my “audience” or the expectations to sound a certain way or go a certain direction. I had no idea how any of these tunes would turn out. I co-produced these songs alongside my good friend Patrick Zelinski. The recording experience mostly looked like us hanging out, drinking Bubbly’s, and laughing. We did tons of experimenting; trying all sorts of different, new processes and sounds. We took our sweet sweet time with the project. I want people to take away that a relationship ending in a tough way doesn’t always have to end in anger and resentment. You can actually allow that kind of loss and the feeling of being that out of control of your life to soften you. I found a lot of compassion for both myself and my ex as I completely fell apart and then started the process of building my life back up again. The mood of the song was aiming to capture the balance of the softness and intensity I experienced as I was breaking down and adjusting to my new normal. The song is really about processing the hurt and the grief while unexpectedly finding a well of compassion for the situation. “

S.K. Wellington is a Calgary-based singer/songwriter that has been writing and performing music for over a decade. Her debut solo EP “Where the Earth Meets the Sea” was released September 2018 and was met with positive reviews from her hometown to the UK. After leading the band “The Wellington Folk” for 8 years, S.K. took a departure in 2018 and decided to move forward as a solo act. Sitting in the “perfect pocket of folk, pop, indie, and rock”, S.K.’s song offerings are reflective, poignant, poetic, and hopeful. The songwriting has been said to be a “Fleetwood Mac meets Deathcab for Cutie” feel. S.K.’s songs have made Regional Top Ten in the CBC Searchlight competition four times (2014-2016, 2019). Her music has been featured on CBC, X92.9, and CJSW. S.K. can be seen performing solo, or as a four or five piece band. The performances are equal parts refreshing, energizing, and grounding. Wellington was nominated for the “2019 folk recording of the year” at the YYC Music Awards.

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