Best Makeup Hacks that You Must All Know

You do not need to spend hours to get your makeup just right. There are a bunch of little tips and tricks that you can use, which make applying makeup more effortless than ever before. Be assured; if you follow these tips religiously, it would not be a problem achieving that perfect, flawless look that you are aiming for.

So, let us get started, and take a quick look at these tips and tricks, one by one.

Convert your eyeliner pencil into gel liner

Do you want to know a DIY hack to convert your eyeliner pencil into a gel liner? One of our readers, and a makeup fanatic Anuska, who offers business analytics online courses, shares her secret DIY trick. So, for this, all you need to do is take your eyeliner pencil, any drugstore pencil would do. Light a flame (stove, lighter, or candle).

Next, you need to take your kajal pencil near the flame for about 1 second. Once done, let it cool for another 15 minutes. That’s it, your gel liner with intense smudge is ready.

The best part is, the entire process will also make your kohl softer and easier to apply. Do try it, and let us know in the comment section how you feel about this?

Apply your perfume right

When you wear perfume, you do not have to spray yourself with perfume just like you do with a deodorant. Try that, and you will end up looking like a perfume factory. The worst part is, it will wear off sooner than you know, and then you will not smell anything.

So, what should you do? Just apply the perfume on your pulse points, and you are good to go.

Check the makeup under a different light

When you apply makeup, you might not have the best light handy. So, when you get into your car, check the makeup before you move forward for your date. The natural bright light will ensure that you can see all the spots which you might have missed. One of our readers, Tanya, who works with FineGrades, says that at times, when she is running late, she does her makeup in the car, and she believes that the makeup done under natural light is so much better. We second that.

Get more out of your liquid cosmetics

When you get a sense that a liquid product is empty, do not just throw it away. It seems empty, but is it? Well, there is only one way to find out. Cup open the tube and you will see at least five wear of product sticking to the bottom and the walls of the tube. You can transfer the product in a plastic pot, and voila. It is a great tip and will also save you a lot of money.

DIY Lip Gloss

Your favorite eyeshadow just broke? Well, do not throw away as yet. You can use the broken eye shadow as a lip gloss. Just crush your eyeshadow in a smooth powder base. Then, you can mix it with some petroleum jelly, and your lip gloss is ready. The good thing is you can get any color lip gloss as you like.

Try white nail paint instead of the base coat

We know you love applying the base coat to give your nails a natural shine. But, if you use the white nail polish as the base coat, that would make your nail color stand out even more. This excellent makeup hack was shared with us by Tahira, an English homework help expert with TFTH. 

Easy smokey eye look

For this, all you have to do is draw a slanted hashtag towards the outer corner of both of your eyes. Then blend it as usual, along with your other makeup. That’s it, your smokey eye look is ready, and that too without much work.

Make your lipstick stay longer

It is an old hack, but it certainly works. For this, regularly apply your favorite lipstick onto your lips, then take a tissue paper and softly lay it across your lips.

Next, take some translucent powder, and dust it on the lips through the tissue paper. Just as it sets your makeup, it can set your lipstick too. It will 100% make your lipstick stay longer than ever before.


Make the eyes look wider

Sonya, a statistics homework help provider with TAE, says that she loves the volumized lashes, and for that, she has discovered this interesting hack where instead of moving the mascara wand upwards, you sweep it towards your nose. We tried, and we did see the difference. The thing is this hack will make your lashes look fuller and so much better. Another great benefit is this tip will also make your eyes look bigger.

Easy fake eyelash glue application

Applying glue on lash extensions can be a bit cumbersome. Now, you can make it more comfortable with a simple hack. Take a bobby pin and apply some glue on the tip.

Now, it would be easier for you to transfer the glue to the lashes through the tip, in a much faster and neater way.