Four Ways to End a Friends with Benefits Relationship

Friends with benefits (FWB) bonds are between individuals who recognise each other and have a sexual connection with no feelings involved. You do not even need to be close friends. If you’re single, it gets to a place where you develop the urge to seek a friends with benefits partnership. It is not a technical bond, and it would be okay to go silent on your FWB. Nonetheless, that is not the best way to go about it. Besides, who knows if you may need them again.

Below are four proper techniques to end a FWB hookup that are respectful and show appreciation for what you had going on.

Talk About Stopping the Friends with Benefits Relationship

It’s difficult to talk about ending a friends with benefits relationship, and thus people ghost one another. It helps if you are open and truthful about it. If your partner tries reaching out, do not brush it off by claiming that your schedule is tight. Instead, tell them straightforward and politely that you don’t desire the partnership and want to end it. It helps to explain why you want to end it. If it is a new relationship you are getting into or want it to stop, you should tell them. Make sure you don’t leave them with unanswered questions.

Go Easy on Them

Many people are not good at handling rejection. You should tell them lightly without getting into so much detail about why you want to end it. Make it quick and be firm because most people will try to change your mind about it. If you do not make it clear that you want it to end, your mate might get the wrong signs.

Do Not Change Your Mind

After ceasing a friends with benefits link, it can take some time adjusting to not having anyone to call over for sex. It can influence you to change your mind, especially in the initial periods. To assist you to know when to call it quits in an FWB bond, check out the information on Happymatches. If you want to desist from it, it will help not to spark the bond again because you will still have to end it.

Ghost Them

After saying everything and properly ending the FWB bond, it would be the best moment to ghost them. If you continue talking to them, there are high chances that you will still get back to it. Therefore, it is advisable to go completely silent on them unless you later on want to get into an all-around relationship.


If you have an FWB that you want to get rid of, kindly consider the tips listed above. However, keep in mind that you are dealing with a fellow human being. It’s only right to end the relationship respectfully and maturely. Don’t be afraid to let someone go if you do not see any point in having them in your life. If you decide to end an FWB relationship, ensure that you are entirely sure about your decision.