Glossier Balm Dotcom : Is It Worth The Hype?

I finally caved and ordered Glossier’s Balm Dotcom after seeing so many people rave about it for years. I picked up the three pack for $40 Canadian, which also made me eligible for free shipping. I really liked how they charged me in Canadian instead of having to deal with converting it from USD.

Known for their simple yet iconic packaging, Balm Dotcom currently comes in 8 flavours ( Birthday, Cherry, Mint, Mango, Berry, Coconut, Wild Fig, and Rose ) + an Original unscented version. The Original is the most diverse as you can use it basically anywhere on your body. Cuticles getting dry? Just toss some on it. Weird dry patch on your elbow?  Balm Dotcom also has you covered. The three flavours that I picked up were Birthday, Cherry, and Mint. Birthday contains a very pretty glitter in it, Cherry is tinted, and Mint is supposed to have a cooling sensation, so realistically you can’t really use any of these flavours for other place than your lips but I didn’t mind that.

Birthday was my favourite out of the three that I ordered. It smells like vanilla butter cream frosting, without being sickly sweet. I also loved the holographic packaging and the fact that they teamed up with Momofuku’s Milk Bar for this scent. Birthday also contained glitter in it for a little bit of sparkle when applied. Cherry was my 2nd pick, and it didn’t disappoint. It reminds me a lot of Pull N’ Peel candy. It also has a red tint to it that applies beautifully onto the lips. Sadly, I found Mint to be pretty disappointing out of the three. I was hoping for a strong mint flavour as it states to keep away from your eyes, but I found it to leaned towards a sweeter peppermint and was lacking in a ‘cooling’ sensation, which I had read about some people experiencing.

I actually really like the texture of these balms. They are a bit more on the waxy side and apply more matte than glossy. The only downfall about these was the fact that they never seemed to fully absorb into my lip and always left them feeling a little tacky. I’d always have to wipe off the residue before reapplying. Apart from that, they did serve their purpose and my lips were left feeling soft. The application is also something to make note of if you don’t like applying lip products with your fingers as the opening doesn’t have an applicator to apply the balm directly to your lips.

Final Verdict : I like the scents and the packaging of Balm Dotcom, but at the same time I don’t see much difference from using Aquaphor or Vaseline. It’s nice to have, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it.

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