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Song Premiere : “What I’m Here For” – darzo

darzo offers up a fiery, passionate performance on the lo-fi intimacy of “What I’m Here For,” which is out today.

Based in Charlottesville, VA, darzo has mesmerized audiences with metaphor, melody, and rhythm — music that emerges from a deeply interior space in which private meanings become shared experience. Formed in 2016 by Adar Seligman-McComas, darzo is not purely Soul, not simply R&B, not straight-up Jazz. Blending and transcending genres, darzo delivers a silken, yet raw sound that is utterly its own.

The vocals throughout the song have an intense, clear-eyed focus to them recalling elements of the various genres that filter into the fray. By keeping things fully felt there is an urgency that helps to tie the whole collection together. The guitar playing has a fierceness to it as the chords sing up into the sky with a sense of true catharsis. darzo pour out their very hearts and soul, making the musical journey one that feels so vivid.

At any moment, the tension feels like it could practically explode. Yet they keep things calm, cool, and collected, while teasing the possibility of an outburst to lend the entirety of the trip a sense of purpose.

Things start off on a spirited note as Adar’s voice has a commanding presence to them, with her lyrics cutting right down to the very bone. Vulnerability reigns supreme for the word choice revels in the outpouring of her very soul. Gentle in tone, the song has a playful quality to it, as the pastoral beauty of the track lets in so much springtime sun.

“What I’m Here For ” shows off the undeniable skills of the band, exploring a world that feels truly and fully lived in. darzo is currently in the process of releasing its first full-length album, which is expected to be available to the public in early 2021.

From The Artist : “Although the song was written years ago, the narrative tends to reappear in my life over and over again. It tells a story about attempting to discover one’s purpose, as well as the fear of failure that accompanies this discovery. It highlights the insignificance that we as humans can feel, and yet also the well of richness that we all carry within us. Lyrically, this song has an open-ended conclusion, but musically there is a feeling of jubilance; it’s a hopeful song rather than one of defeat.” – Adar Seligman-McComa

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