Easter Lush Haul

Lush recently released their Easter collection online and in stores across North America, and as per usual I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the new goodies for 2021. I decided to place my order online so I could try out some of the online exclusive bubble bars on top of some of the Easter collection and ended up getting 3 bath bombs, 2 bubble bars and a lip scrub.

First up we have the bath bombs. From left to right is Follow The White Rabbit, Flamingo Egg, and Eggy Wegg. Follow the White Rabbit has the scent of Lush’s Carrot Reuseable Bubble Bar (which notably did not make a return this year) and I found it to be pretty earthy. It’s said to have Sicilian lemon and buchu oils, but I couldn’t pick up on any of the ‘fruity’ notes. I’ve used this bath bomb since my order arrived and found that it’s a slow, foamy bomb that creates a beautiful pink bath water. The scent lasts on your skin for hours after you’ve come out of the bath and the bath art reminds me of the Snowman Dreaming bath bomb from Lush’s Christmas line.

Flamingo Egg is a sweet cotton candy scented bath bomb topped with sparkling sea salts. This bomb had me sold as soon as I saw that it was pink and blue with sparkly purple sea salts. There’s just something about that colour combo that makes me feel like I just HAVE to have it. I found the scent of this to be pretty citrusy as opposed to a sweet cotton candy scent. It’s nice, but definitely not what I was expecting from reading the description on the website. I was under the impression that it might have been closer to the Think Pink scent.

The last bath bomb in the haul is Eggy Wegg. It’s very minty and fruity, which I’m still not too sure if it’s a combo that I really like, but I will say it’s very refreshing in the sense that it will clear your sinus. The design of this bomb features 3 sunny-side-up eggs, which makes me think of daisies.  Apparently this is supposed to be the same scent as the discontinued Aurora Borealis scrub from 2019, but I don’t remember it being this minty.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the next product in this haul : the Funfetti Cake Lip Scrub. Lush’s lip scrubs are a great way to buff away any dry skin on your lips, it helps moisturize and prep your lips for lip balms & liquid lipsticks, plus they also happen to taste great! Funfetti Cake is no exception, this straight up smells like a tangy vanilla butter cream. I find that the tanginess throws off the scent from being sickly sweet, and it’s a nice balance.

Lastly, we have the two online exclusive bubble bars : Mrs. Whippy (left) and Puppy Love (right). I was very excited to finally be able to try out Mrs.Whippy, as I had seen people in the UK rave about it all the time and every time it showed up in the Lush Kitchen it was one of the first items instantly gone. If I’m being honest, when I put it in my cart I for some reason thought it was going to be strawberry scented (which in the end makes absolutely no sense because strawberries aren’t listed anywhere on the page), and was surprised to find a very strong, spicy and earthy smelling bath bomb when I received my package in the mail. It was like the experimenter bath bomb on steroids. I ended up using this bubble bar with the Follow the White Rabbit bath bomb, and ended up really loving the scent as it had a cinnamon undertone. The bath water was also unlike anything I’ve experienced. It was a lot more moisturizing than other bubble bars I’ve tried before. The only downside is if you don’t like the scent. I smelled like Mrs.Whippy for the rest of the night, and even the next day my washroom smelled heavily like it.

Puppy Love on the other hand, is very fruity and fun. It smells like raspberry sherbet, and is the same scent as The Kiss Lip Scrub. I’ve never tried that lip scrub before, but to me Puppy Love smells like a tangier version of the Conga Shower Jelly with some other fruits mixed in. I quite like the scent, and can’t wait to try this one out!

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