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Song Premiere : “Talking to Myself Out Loud” by John Taglieri

John Taglieri is back and better than ever today with his brilliant new single “Talking to Myself Out Loud.”

The track is a soul-searching country-rock anthem we all need in our lives, especially after the past rollercoaster of a year we’ve all experienced. Overflowing with enchanting electric keys, glimmering synths, and reverberating vocals, “Talking to Myself Out Loud” feels like looking in a mirror and studying your own reflection.

The song starts off slow and introspective. However, the pre-chorus is where the piece begins to pick up speed. Building and building until the chorus hits and John’s soothing, emotive vocals chant “I’ve been lying, I’ve been trying, I’ve been hiding, talking to myself out loud”. The climax occurs during the bridge where the listener is introduced to orchestral instruments, an electric echoing guitar and some hard-hitting drums. John along with his harmonic background vocals push the last two choruses and end the song on an almost quiet note, whispering the final lyrics to the audience.

With the help of producer Munk Duane, Taglieri went into the studio to rediscover his musical path. The result is a track with a wide palette of tones and a luscious landscape of musicality and lyrics that are emotionally touching and a glimpse inside the struggles of a vocalist struggling for five years to find his way back to his identity.
John Taglieri is a singer, songwriter and producer with a 16 year long music career. From Billboard charting releases, to top selling EPs and performing all around the world, John Taglieri has not only had an impressive career but has done it all ‘DIY’. His genre repertoire ranges from hard rock, to pop, to country rock, across his 14 impressive releases. Growing up in suburban New Jersey, Taglieri was weaned on everything from The Beatles to Black Sabbath and everywhere in between. The musical palette he had growing up was wide and classic, full of bands that are today revered as some of the greatest in history.

With new music on the horizon in the form of his new single ‘Talking To Myself Out Loud’, Taglieri returns to release a very personal song. Taking five years off from releasing music due to vocal cord damage, as well as life and being a dad, the new single speaks to a vulnerable singer learning to find his identity and voice again as an artist. A very personal song, it’s unlike anything Taglieri has released before.

Twenty One years, fourteen releases, a new single, and every goal and milestone one could ever hope to have in a career, John Taglieri is indie for life and here to stay. You’d be hard pressed to find a career as solidly built and as sustaining as his. John Taglieri is back and better than ever, and we cannot wait to see what this indie artist has in store!

From The Artist : “With the vocal damage I have, and being told by the best Doctors out there that it’s irreparable and I was done as a vocalist, there were a lot of late nights looking in the mirror telling myself that I wasn’t done and I would find a way back. It took five years and a lot of musical introspection, but I never gave up.This is the most open and honest I’ve ever been on a song. I wrote this song almost a year ago, and wrote lyrics for it three times, but it just never felt right. It was an uptempo rocker but something isn’t clicking. I brought the song to one of my closest friends and a brilliant musician and producer, Munk Duane. He changed the arrangement to the slower feel and all of a sudden, it made sense. Then the lyrics jumped out at me from the 3 sets I had…almost like puzzle pieces. I’d said what I wanted, but just in different places. It took Munks’ view of it for me to see them.”

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