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Song Premiere : “When You Want It” – Dr. Martino

Dr. Martino is pleased to debut their vibrant new single “When You Want It ” which is out via digital platforms today. The group which have been steadily creating waves in the indie music scene, entice once again with a track that is bold and seductive, which will captivate you from start to finish. With overdriven rhythms, incredible vocals, haunting melodies and alluring riffs, Dr. Martino will not disappoint.

Their high-energy power pop is a force like no other. “When You Want It” takes you on a hazy journey that will have you instantly hooked. With a bit of nostalgia thrown in from 60s garage, old school punk and alt rock, the group creates a sound that is uniquely their own. For fans of Dead Kennedys, The Pixies, Guided by Voices, Alvvays and That Dog, Dr. Martino is right up your alley.

Sharing songwriting duties, Amy Shaw and Simone Puleo compose sharp guitar and vocal-driven pop songs, propelled by the booming, wild drumming of Mike Kaminski. The music of Dr. Martino rifles through a gambit of genres, and the lyrics from song to song evoke a spectrum of emotions and moods, from humorous to melancholy, nostalgic to forward-looking.

Dr. Martino first saw the light of day in 2014 with the release of their debut EP “Big Day.” In 2016 we saw the band join the release “Calligrams”, a compilation with fellow Connecticut artists Spectral Fangs, Terrible Roars and Ghost of Chance. Their follow up EP “Caving In,” released in 2017 furthered the band into the musical spotlight where they truly belong.

With the release for “When You Want It,” Dr. Martino is back in full form for 2021. As we head into the New Year, the group has a few surprises up their sleeve before we close this chapter. Our ears are ready!

Find Dr. Martino’s “When You Want It,” via digital streaming outlets today.

From The Artist : “I wrote this song about fair-weather friends, about dealing with flakiness and people who act too cool for you. I was doubting whether certain people would be there for me if I needed it. There’s an autobiographical element too, though, as with most everything I write. It’s also about confronting that uncertainty in myself and perhaps seeing it reflected in others. ”

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