Behind the Song : “Let’s Dance” by Olivia Wik

My name is Olivia Wik and I’m a singer/songwriter from Edmonton, Alberta. I’m thrilled for the recent release of my new retro-pop single, “Let’s Dance”, which you can stream on all platforms ( Spotify || Soundcloud ). Let’s go “Behind the Song”!

The Inspiration

It’s funny because I didn’t have a specific inspiration for this song. People have asked me about how I came up with the concept for Let’s Dance but I honestly was hit with the song all at once. It came flooding into my brain and I had to get it out and onto paper as soon as possible.

I think I heard the chorus in my mind first, wrote that down as soon as I could, then jumped to the verses. It was one of the rare moments where a song came to me basically fully formed. I don’t know how to describe it without it seeming like this mythical event, but it’s true.

After I wrote it, I kept it to myself for about a year. I could feel that it was something special, so I wanted to share it at the right time. And here we are!


The Creation

When I was writing “Let’s Dance”, I wanted to write it to a bassline because that’s what I initially heard in my head. I don’t have a bass, so I found a few notes on my low E string on my guitar and made a very poor one. Bassists would be ashamed of my abilities, but it got the job done. I recorded a voice note, and like I said, I kept it to myself for a long time. But I eventually shared it with my producers, Brandon Unis and Brad Simons.

When I walked into the studio, they already had the skeleton of a track created and it was perfect. It fit the vibe of “Let’s Dance” so perfectly that I could hop right into the booth and start recording.

We added some other elements, polished it up, and called it a day! Working with them is always so easy and great. It feels effortless. I’m so happy that the creation of this song was such a positive one because you can really feel that energy when you listen to the track.


The Audience

This song is for literally anyone. I’ve had single people tell me that it’s their new anthem, I’ve had people in relationships tell me how they can’t stop listening to it, and I’ve had people of all ages jam out to this track.

There are also no gendered pronouns in “Let’s Dance”. I think that helps keep the song universal enough for everyone to insert themselves into the song and apply it to their own romantic encounters.

At its essence, it’s for anyone who wants to have fun, dance, and to their crush and not be subtle about their feelings.

Thank you for Live in Limbo for inviting me to take you “Behind the Song”!

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