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Song Premiere : “Breakdown” – This Coast Bias

This Coast Bias is the indie/bedroom pop project of Clay Milford; a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After multiple stints in rock bands, Clay decided to start writing and recording music on his own, citing frustration with the hassle of, “gettin’ a group of people together.” He began releasing music as This Coast Bias in May of 2019, and has since released thirty original songs, all of which contain a vast smorgasbord of poppy hooks, lush walls of synth, and lyrics with a penchant for dissecting past relationships.

This Coast Bias’ discography shows his ability to cross-over genres and find acclaim, bringing different influences to each unique track.

Since 2021, This Coast Bias garnered his first two sync placements on FreeForm’s Good Trouble and The CW’s 4400, a feature on Spotify’s Fresh Finds indie playlist, as well as two appearances in LiveNation’s Ones to Watch playlist.

From The Artist : “I think ‘breakdown’ can be interpreted in a few ways. I’m betting we all feel a little too close to a mental, physical, spiritual or financial breakdown personally., or see the danger of one somewhere in the world. I just wanted the song to be fun and have a kind of party vibe, with the lyrics reigning in the listener to a bigger picture within the chaos; the picture of a car cruising on the highway, low on gas, with no station for hundreds of miles.” 
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