BEHIND THE VIDEO: “Our Lives” by Adam Cousins

Today we are excited to be teaming up with Canadian country artist Adam Cousins to take our readers an exclusive behind the scenes on his new music video “Our Lives”! Check it out below :

Hey everyone, thank you so much for having me on Live in Limbo!

My name is Adam Cousins and I’m a country artist from the small town of Brussels, Ontario.

I can’t wait to introduce you to the “Behind the Video” of my newest single “Our Lives”.

The Inspiration:

Surprisingly, there was not really a specific inspiration for “Our Lives”. I was looking for a song that was catchy, with a little bit of a punch to it. Owen Riegling and I went into a write on a time crunch and decided to focus on something that was already a verse and a bit of a chorus. The first time Owen played through it I was hooked, and knew it was going to be a hit – a project I truly fell in love with from the beginning.

The video itself had various influences and inspirations, including Dan + Shay’s “Tequila” and Netflix Original series “Ozark”. The videography and stylistic approach to Dan + Shay’s video resonated with me and I was excited to capture my own interpretation and vision. Pulling inspiration from colour palate and contrast of “Ozark” allowed us to set a different tone and tell a story of love including all the ups and downs. I was fortunate enough to have a friend with a cabin to build the set around, and the rest fell into place from there.


The Creation:

The song “Our Lives” was originally written in June 2021 with Owen Riegling. It was immediately clear to me that there was something special about the lyrics and sound, and I knew it was a project I had to pursue. After recording with my producer Shawn Moore only 4 months later, I was already excitedly planning how to further bring this song to life through a music video.

One of my greatest values as an artist is in sharing and portraying the truth in my music, which is why I first fell in love with the storytelling nature of classic country music. Naturally then, the creation of this video had to come from a place of familiarity – to allow me to share a piece of my own life and own truths with my audience. Having grown up in a small town and spending my summers at the cottage with my family, the rural setting and cabin scenery felt like the perfect option.

There is something about the truth behind acting. Sometimes there are more stories to be told than what meets the eye. Being able to use some of my friends in this video was inspiring, because they are actually not acting. My friends just married earlier in the summer and so the honest spark of their love was able to be captured with ease. Director Derek Lamoureux and filmmaker Phong Tran made my inspirations and desires come to life with this video.

The video was filmed this past January, where we were lucky enough to catch the most picture-perfect sunrise and gentle snowfall. Since first sitting down to write “Our Lives” 10 months ago, I have been waiting with great anticipation to be able to share the full project with you all!


The Audience:

Anyone of all ages should fall in love with this song. We have all had those times growing up where you are 16 years old, just got your driver’s license and taking someone out for the first time. Or maybe you are 100 years old and looking back and remembering all the good times growing up and finding your first love… or finding your forever true love. We have all felt it at some point in our lives. The butterflies, the heart racing, and getting so nervous you have no words to explain it.

I want everyone who listens to this song to close their eyes and remember their first date, first kiss, and first love. When they watch the music video, I want them to have that “aww, I remember being young and in love”.

Thank you, Live in Limbo!

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