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Album Premiere : “Thoughts and Prayers” – The Chad Sipes Stereo

The Chad Sipes Stereo is an alternative rock band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Together since 2010, the 4 man band is releasing their 4th full length album called Thoughts and Prayers, a 10 song compilation tackling the idea of medication and pills. “With this album, I decided to explore a narrative about the opioid crisis we face here in America,” shares Chad Sipes, singer-songwriter-bassist of The Chad Sipes Stereo. “I am by no means an expert—I don’t want anyone to feel bad about taking medication—but I see something dangerous and very widespread.”

Thoughts and Prayers has an overall grunge and rock sound, reminiscent of the likes of Weezer, R.E.M., Green Day, and Foo Fighters wrapped up into one. Each song shares a narrative of how the opioid crisis affects us all, from childhood in the hard rock and grunge song “Every Single Kid,” depicting that while every kid grows up in different places with different circumstances, every one of them has drugs in common, to the final titular song, “Thoughts and Prayers,” about finally kicking your habit only to die of the effects the hard abuse had on your body and how all that’s left are thoughts and prayers.

The songs in between each share their own story that also furthers the overall narrative of the opioid crisis. While The Chad Sipes Stereo gives us songs like “Pharmacy” and “Relapse” that share the darker themes of the album, their song “Pill for That” stands out as more fun than the rest of the songs. This song gives room to acknowledge the good that pills do and the positives they have. It carries a lighter sound as well with more of a Green Day sound.

Thoughts and Prayers is a career milestone album on many levels. Besides representing an ambitious artistic feat, the album showcases a band at the height of its powers 12 years in, and it’s a testament to the quartet’s longevity. Chad says: “I’m really proud of this record. We left no stone unturned, and made the album I’ve always wanted to make. I have never felt this way before, and I am so excited for people to hear it.”

From The Artist : “Thoughts and Prayers is about America’s relationship with pills. There is a storyline that weaves through the album, loosely focusing on one character. It was very important to me as I wrote this album that I didn’t come off as preachy or judgmental. My core message is, no matter who you are or what your background is, we are all going to end up on pills at some time in our life. But there is a hard truth. There are doctors, insurance companies, and CEOs out there that have so much skin in the game, and I wanted to address that side of it too.”

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