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Originally from Woodstock, Ontario, and now based in Guelph, Amberlea Bruch’s longtime love of songwriting and performing gained new inroads in 2021 with the release of her first three singles, and the continued growth of the Songbird Series, which empowers women in country music and was co-founded by Bruch and fellow artist Emily Clair. Today we are very excited to be teaming up with Amberlea Bruch to give our readers an exclusive behind the scenes look at her latest single, “Benefits of You”, which is as a prelude to her first EP that will arrive in the fall.

Hi Live in Limbo!

I’m Amberlea Bruch. I’m a country singer-songwriter living in Guelph, ON. and I’m thrilled to be here sharing a bit behind my new single “Benefits of You”.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for “Benefits of You” came out of meeting my now boyfriend and realizing what it was like to be in a healthy committed relationship. This song is the realization of unconditional love – not needing to be anything but yourself to have someone return love back to you. Through my 20s, I had some less than optimal dating experiences that always left me feeling like maybe I needed to try harder, be more impressive, be something other than myself. When I met my now-boyfriend, that all changed. I realized if the person is right for you, they’ll love you for you.

The Creation

I took the concept for “Benefits of You” into a co-writing session I had with Rich Cloke and Greg Williams. From there, we worked together to develop the song as you hear it today.

When it was time to record, I headed to a studio in Hamilton, Ontario called Catherine North with the producer on this project, Shawn Moore, as well as Junior Riggan (Bass), Brian Chiarcos (Drums), Stu Weinberg (Guitar) & Chris Bray (Guitar). The studio is an old church and has been on my list of places to record since hearing some of the City and Colour projects recorded there.

Something unique to my process is that we recorded the vocals at the same time that the band cut their parts in the studio. Traditionally speaking, the band will record their parts and then the artist will record their vocals later however, I love the energy from doing them in the moment with the band.

Following the initial studio work, additional parts for Keys and Background vocals were recorded by Matt Koebel and Ayden Jacobs respectively. The song then traveled down to Nashville where it was mastered by Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound.

The Audience

I spent a long time dating and trying to make something work with someone I was interested in to the point where I started losing hope that I would ever find love. In that process, I began to settle and compromise my worth, until I met my now boyfriend. So I wrote this song from two perspectives:

Firstly I wrote this song to celebrate love in its purest form, unconditional love. For couples in a relationship who have found their person, I hope this song brings great joy and happiness thinking about all the wonderful things your partner brings into your life.

Secondly I wrote it for those out there still looking for unconditional love as a reminder that they deserve a love that allows them to be themselves and to never give up on that because it most certainly is worth the wait.

Thank you Live in Limbo for inviting me to go Behind the Song with you!

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