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Song Premiere : “I’m On Fire” – Reed Mitchell

Reed Mitchell is the rising pop rock artist, who’s music is catchy and lyrics are memorable. He blends the two in such a way that’s similar to that of The Lumineers or Lou Reed. However, he never pursued his love for music as his life moved so fast, from living with his parents, to living in a college dorm, to marrying his college girlfriend and starting a family. He got buried under the responsibilities of domesticity, like so many of us do. But when the pandemic hit, his world changed all too quickly as a newly divorced man in isolation.

During his solitude, he reflected on what was important and decided to take the gamble on himself, to start making music his focus. He now emerges with his solo debut album Hot & Cold, out later this year, a twangy pop rock collection produced by the one and only Neilson Hubbard. Today, he releases his first single from the album, “I’m on Fire,” a pop rock song with an alt-country blend about pursuing his music career.

The music is infectious. Right off the bat, you find yourself grooving in your seat or dancing where you stand. It’s a piano based song with the piano leading the melody as if it were a guitar. He uses the instrument to break the mold, both for himself and for his genre. “This is the first song I ever wrote on the piano,” says Reed. “It took me out of my comfort zone and it ended up sounding a lot different than some other songs on the album for that reason.”

Inspired by a women in his life that sparked his creativity, “I’m on Fire” is both about what she means to Reed and his musical and creative momentum, singing “Well I’ve been working on this backdoor master plan/Now the time has come for us to cause a scene so take my hand/Cause girl you came in and pulled my back up from the floor/Can’t you feel this heat I’m giving off, girl you’ve lit a torch.”

Artist Statement : “I’ve struggled with self-doubt over the years, often wondering if my dream of making music was bred out of fantasy rather than passion. “I’m on Fire” tells the story of meeting someone who inspired me, who helped me realize I had more inside of me than I ever realized, who helped me overcome my self-doubt and the doubt I perceived from the outside world.”

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