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Filthy Souls – Secret Broadcast (2014)

Final Rating: 7.1/10

Secret Broadcast are the latest band to have worked with legendary producer Adam Kasper, of whom has helped bands like Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age, Soundgarden and more. To have Kasper respond to an email to request with him is a pretty big deal, and it is likely that he saw something promising in Secret Broadcast‘s music. On Filthy Souls, they do go with a very straight forward approach and their melodies do sound reminiscent of the late 90’s; The years affected the most by the kinds of bands Kasper has made albums with. Perhaps it is this blatant fanaticism that drew Kasper in, as Matt Lightstone, singer and guitar player, has clearly wanted to start a band in the same way his idols first started out.

We get the album’s strongest three tracks first, with More than Friends opening with a bang, the title track being the most nostalgic of 90’s post grunge, and Mad as a Hatter that pounds a guitar riff that sounds almost Sonic Youth-like in nature. The album then rests comfortably after it shows it’s best, as we have a remainder of an album that is steady in tone, feel and style. The band doesn’t get lazier as the album progresses, but they clearly know which songs came out the best. They never feel ashamed of their other songs, as the vocals are still full of passion and the musicality full of care.

What we do get with Filthy Souls is a turn of the head and a nod. We get a sign of a band with something there. We get a bit of the vision that Kasper had with these guys. We get the rock star quality. We get the lust for musical heritage and modernity in one. We are sat down at this band’s gig as they open for a band that they adore. We still get the feeling that we are there with them. We can give them the nod back and we can sit alongside them and wait for what can come from them in the future. Maybe with more experience and exposure, Secret Broadcast will no longer be hidden, they will definitely be heard, and they may become more fine tuned and direct. For now we have a glimpse of what may be to come from this young group.

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