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Pibull, Enrique Iglesias, J BALVIN at Air Canada Centre

Photographs by Sean Chin.

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull brought their joint Sex and Love tour to the Air Canada Centre for a two-night show on September 19 and 20, 2014. 

Kicking off the night was Colombian artist J Balvin, who sang and spoke in Spanish only. Accompanied by three backup dancers, he warmed up the mostly female crowd. It’s still unclear if he’s trying to break into the North American market and if this tour is helping or not. 

Just after 8pm, Enrique took the stage, shooting up from underneath starting the show off with a bang. His set included songs from across the years, including major hits like “Bailamos”, “I Like It”, and of course “Hero”. In the middle of the set he took to the second stage, located at the back of the arena. Bringing a couple from audience up on stage with him to do shots. While covering the song “Stand By Me”, he shared a story about living in Toronto at 18 and having a Canadian girl break his heart. 

Since the crowd had a half an hour break, they were treated to a warm up DJ. As the stage took a whole new look for the Mr. International rapper, there seemed to be empty seats. The first night, Enrique opened for Pitbull, while the second night they switched. The first night crowd was clearly there for Enrique. 

Every song Pitbull performed had clips of the artist featured on the track play in the background. Has he really had no hits solo?  He walked the runway a bunch, thrusted here, thrusted there, all while a group of female dancers performed in barely-anything costumes. He did keep the energy up for the entire set and at times felt like the ACC turned into a club. Throughout the show, he kept bringing up how he turned his life from a negative to a positive and is living the American Dream. 

Ending the show, Pitbull was joined by Enrique to perform their hit “I Like It”. The expectations weren’t very high going into this show but I must say, it was a lot of fun for all those girls night outs that seemed to be happening.

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