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Frank Turner at the Horseshoe Tavern

Drinking on a Monday night? Hell, why not when folk-punk troubadour Frank Turner and his bandmates come rolling into town.  Much of Frank Turner’s appeal is his affability and raucousness for collective drunkenness and sing-alongs.  The Horseshoe tavern usually opened to quieter nights on Mondays was sold out on this special occasion.  Frank paid homage to the many people who have supported him through out the years, including the Horseshoe Tavern and made it apparent Toronto holds a special place for him.  

Tape Deck Heart, his last studio album in 2013, came out with favourable reviews and a bit of mainstream success due to extended airplay on radio in North America.  Frank has been around for many, many years and has many albums under his belt, and the setlist tonight shows the array of his discography, including a few new tracks from their yet to be named new album.  Here’s hoping for many more shows, loud, boisterous sing-alongs, and clinking of drinks.

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