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Bush – Snoop Dogg

Rating: 8/10

Alright. Let’s talk about Snoop Dogg

Alright. Uh, Bush was amazing. Let’s just get the basis of this review out here: It’s going to be hella positive because I. LOVED. IT.

Executive produced by Pharrell (who has been around for TIME and is often undervalued– I think people forget the absolute GENIUS that was N.E.R.D. when they talk about Pharrell, because he’s done so much more than that “Blurred Lines” and “Happy” nonsense– and even on his own album, “Hunter” was the best song that went COMPLETELY ignored. You people are crazy), Snoop’s 13th (wow. Jeezaloo) studio album, Bush, is taking a step back to the original Snoop Dogg.

Though some songs seem repetitive at times, the album opens with a funky, jazzy beat and stays upbeat and exciting for most of the production. “R U A Freak” is a typical hip hop number, transporting us back to 2003 with its rhythms and lyrics. 

The album feels like it would fit in perfectly on the Top 40 list– in 2004. That doesn’t make it bad, though– in fact, the album got everyone at my work grooving and dancing around with the first song, “California Roll.” 

The lead single from Bush, “Peaches & Cream,” is a sexy hip hop dance funk-infused number that carries both the weight of the album and everything its meant to be. Instead of a crazy, heavy, serious album, we got a happy-go-lucky, thrilling summer beat explosion, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Perhaps it’s no heavy listening, but it’s enjoyable and light-hearted, much like the Dogg himself. It’s exactly what we needed. The thing is, Snoop always knows what he’s doing, and with this step back and recollab with Pharrell, he created the best thing he could have put together all along on his record.

Sadly, it only clocks in at just over 40 minutes, making it a shorter album than expected, but allowing it to beg for a second listen. Bush takes us back to the original Snoop Dogg days, but also showcases the multi-talented Pharrell, who absolutely shines as a producer on this record. Pharrell’s funky, soul-inspired influence is evident in every song, soaking his taste and crazy love for unique, bopping sounds in every layer of Snoop’s new album.

But now let’s talk about the packaging: OF COURSE Snoop Dogg managed to find a completely periwinkle jewel case to house his masterpiece. Encased in a solid baby blue case, the CD is protected like a gem– the gem that it is. It might be worth it to buy just for the packaging alone. But no, really– Bush is a very good album.

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