Atomic Lollipop 2015

This was my first time going to Atomic Lollipop. Whatever I was trying to mentally prepare myself for was obviously not good enough. What is AP exactly? From what I experienced, it’s more of a fringe-non-commericalized version of Fan Expo. Basically it’s taking the most hardcore nerds from one of those bigger conventions and putting them all into the Ontario Science Centre. Because no other venue is more fitting for a bunch of nerds. 

I sometimes call myself a nerd. I may very well be. But the amazing attendees at AP are more than anything I could have ever expected. This is a good thing. It wasn’t just because they made great cosplay outfits, but it’s the general friendliness and intelligence of everyone as well. It was very welcoming. 

The layout was somewhat overwhelming at times as there was literally something to do in every corner of the building. Interesting note. The last time I was at the Ontario Science Centre was in high school. I was very pleased to see many of the exhibits I loved still there. But of course they look much smaller now. The mountain climbing wall I once feared…well I am as tall as it now. Anyways, there was six floors of awesomeness. 

The top floor was full of vendors selling arts and crafts, drawings, paintings, you name it. This is a great place for artists to showcase their portfolios because you never know who is looking around! And of course I stumbled into a Magic The Gathering tournament. 

While the Science Centre is well air conditioned, I eventually found myself outside in 30 degree celsius heat on the terrace. BBQ hotdogs are always fantastic. Out here they had a “zombie survival” area where people randomly got weapons and had to slay a brain-loving friend. They also had some exotic animals like a lynx and kangaroo to up the cute factor. 

Cosplay is a big part of Atomic Lollipop. The amount of effort and time people put into their outfits is remarkable. So much so they even had judges critiquing and picking winners. To me, they were all top notch. 

In addition to all of this already, there were many sessions in the three studio rooms. From things like divination “magic” shows with spoon bending, voice acting auditions, social activism awareness, and digital drawing classes, Atomic Lollipop had something for the nerd is all of us.

To top it off, if you were like me and a kid during the late 90s. Iconic cartoon music duo Prozzak made a huge reunion.

So, if geeking out is something you love to do. Atomic Lollipop is the place for you.

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