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Astoria by Marianas Trench

Final Rating: 7.5/10

Canada’s very own, Marianas Trench, is getting ready to release their 5th full length studio album, Astoria. This album is different from previous Marianas Trench albums in a sense that there are a lot more dramatic orchestral pieces to build up the atmospheres between the songs.

One thing I always seem to appreciate is how everyone in the band sings and harmonizes through out the songs with lead singer, Josh Ramsay. It helps add a dimension that sets the Marianas Trench a part from other pop bands. Another thing to note, is that the band effectively brought in what sounded like an xylophone on ‘This Means War’, and a ukulele in ‘Dearly Departed’, which was a pleasant surprise.

However, I felt that this album was played safe. It followed the same formula that Marainas Trench has become known for: a dramatic introduction, instrumental transitions between tracks to build up the mood, a dramatic conclusion to wrap everything up. A lot of the songs felt familiar, as there were elements of this album that reminded me a lot of their previous ones.

All of that aside, this album is pretty fun to listen to if you’re looking for a pop album. It’s very up beat and in true Marianas Trench form, you can’t help but want to get up and dance while listening to Astoria.

Astoria will be released October 23rd via 604 Records.

Songs to check out : This Means War, Wildfire, While We’re Young

Lead Single ‘One Love’:

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