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Cannibal Corpse with Obituary, Cryptopsy, and Abysmal Dawn at the Opera House

(Toronto, ON) –  Death Metal act Cannibal Corpse brought their 2016 North American tour to the Toronto Opera House recently.  Self – proclaimed horror story writers, Cannibal Corpse has had their share of controversy based on their songs lyrics and titles and artwork.

With controversy brings publicity, selling over 2 million units since their inception in 1988, making them the top selling Death Metal band of all time, even having a cameo in the Jim Carrey movie Ace Ventura.

Usually in my experience, the opening acts have less people at their portion of the performance, however not true for this show. Abysmal Dawn, Cryptopsy and Obituary, all successful in their own right, had the house packed from the get go. The Mosh pits started early in the evening, not discriminating the talents of the support acts. For me personally I thought Obituary killed their set. 

Looking towards the back of the Opera house, you could see it was packed to the rafters, literally. The balcony section held 4-5 people deep. It’s very apparent that Metal Heads are still striving and love their genre of music. But against the stereo type of their attitude, the fans for the most part were delightful and friendly. Cannibal Corpse came on at about 10:20pm and the fans when nuts.  Front man George Fisher with his growl and signature headbanging spawned the audience to go into full scale tornadic moshing. This portion of the show had the crowd surfers coming in droves. 

Besides Fishers headbanging, their stage presence was pretty tame. Nothing earth shattering. I guess they just left it all to the music. 

Ironically enough, as they were introducing their last song Devoured by Venom, a fight erupted in the crowd. Fisher addressed the situation about how that “Shit doesn’t fly with Cannibal Corpse” and for everyone to get along. That goes to show that although their lyrics are pretty appalling in some respects, they are down to earth people like the rest of society. 

Set list

  1. Evisceration Plague
  2. The Time to Kill is Now
  3. Scourge of Iron
  4. Death Walking Terror
  5. Stripped, Raped and Strangled
  6. The Wretched Spawn
  7. Pit of Zombies
  8. Kill or Become
  9. Sadistic Embodiment
  10. Icepick Lobotomy
  11. Covered with Sores
  12. Born in a Casket
  13. I Cum Blood
  14. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty
  15. Make Them Suffer
  16. Hammer Smashed Face
  17. Devoured by Vermin
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