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“Brown Leather Jacket” by Blve Hills

This week, it’s Brown Leather Jacket by Blve Hills. Blve Hills Cody Parnell, a surf rock band from Ottawa, Canada; as well as an upcoming CMW Artist.

I tried to dig, but could not find much background information about this artist. Cody – tell us more!

This is a fun and chill track. I chose this song because it reminds me of Summer and being on the beach with no worries. With this weeks weather in Toronto, it has me hyped for Summer- so this song goes perfectly with the change of weather (which will hopefully stay).

I enjoy the layering between the guitar bass and drums, very well done and it achieved a great sound. I think each instrument is very distinct in this, and you can hear it all very clearly because he layered it so well. His voice reminds me of Jonathan Pierce of The Drums, it is almost identical. I’m a big fan of The Drums, so it’s almost like a more upbeat surfer rock version of them, which I find to be super awesome. This is definitely your feel good Summer song on the way to a party, the beach, or just chilling out. Friends, don’t just give it a listen- give it many.


Upcoming Shows:

April 1st – Clark Hall Pub – Kingston,ON

April 2nd – Rainbow Bistro – Ottawa, ON

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