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The Lovelocks at Mod Club

The Lovelocks, are a duo consisting of Ali Raney and Zoe Neumann from Toronto. The Lovelocks do country well. Born to Love is the new Seven song EP following the well-received self-titled debut in 2014. These gals are just awesome as you can see and hear. What an amazing night this was. The Mod Club was just shy of full capacity but roomy enough that you can still move around.

Before the show, I got to chat with the girls, knowing Ali for many years we joked around, I mention this was my first opportunity to photograph “The Lovelocks” Zoe said Well my new friend we will have to look extra beautiful up on stage tonight, and that they did.

I had a few favourite songs from EP, Radio and Simple Stuff to mention a few, When the girls came out to do their encore, They took a moment to explain that they were undecided about playing a slow song in an upbeat bar atmosphere. But after explaining The Lovelocks are all about love, being in love and loving someone It was fitting that they ended the night with “Lovely’s”.

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