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Yoshiki at Paramount Theatre, SXSW 2016

Following a screening of a new documentary focused on Japanese arena stars X Japan titled ‘We Are X,’ leader and co-founder Yoshiki played a special set at the Paramount Theatre. The short set began with classical songs, before Yoshiki mentioned to the crowd that since one of his favorite artists, David Bowie, had passed recently he would play a piano rendition of “Space Oddity,” which was an skillful and powerful rendition of the classic song. Some of X Japan’s well known songs were also performed, including “Endless Rain” and “Art of Life.” At times Yoshiki became visibly emotional while performing, having earlier referred to his sadness over the passing of band members hide and Taiji. The performance was a bit somber at times, and very emotional, but the raw power that Yoshiki can exhibit through his piano performance is outstanding.

Shortly after the Paramount Theatre set, Yoshiki also made a special appearance at the annual Japan Nite showcase. After three Japanese artists having visa isues, there was a large gap in the lineup so Yoshiki dropped by two perform two songs for the small and intimate crowd.

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