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Final Rating: 9/10

More recently in the music world of EP’s, Hana Pestle – better known by her stage name HANA – released her first EP that is guaranteed to blow your mind. The first time I had ever heard of HANA was when I went to Lana Del Rey’s tour and HANA was preforming with Grimes, whom was Lana’s opening act. HANA’s sound is unlike anything that I’ve ever heard, and has often been likened to other artists such as Grimes and Lorde. While the EP itself is only 5 songs, the album will easily be the greatest 21 minutes of your entire day.

The album starts off with Clay, a song that is no stranger to the music world and got some attention from bigger names after being posted online. The relaxed beat accompanied with the soft vocals creates an atmosphere that can only be described as pure joy. In February 2016, the music video for Clay was released and the simplicity of the video and the soft visuals are a perfect combination to really take the song to a new level. Underwater is another song that Pestle posted on her YouTube as a tour video, featuring appealing visuals of the artist preforming in various locations throughout her now ended tour with Grimes earlier this year. Underwater is a slow song that allows percussion to shine, having drum beats that stand out and make it difficult not to want to grab a pen and drum along. HANA’s vocal abilities stand out as well, showing her range even further with high notes that sound effortless and beautiful.

With this being an EP, I don’t want to say too much because the album itself is quite short. I don’t want to say too much and then spoil things for anyone who might be interested in giving this album a quick listen. I am a huge fan of HANA, her style and I’m very excited to see what future music she has planned! You can find the EP both on iTunes and Spotify; so sit back, relax and give this EP a try!

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