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“Give Me Something To Do” – Good Morning


So, its that STRESSFUL time of year, crunch time! Such a large majority of students are preparing and doing exams right now, and I think everyone is going a little crazy. For me personally, I definitely fit in with that. As a form of comfort, I use music. This week, I discovered the band Good Morning which has put me at ease, specifically the song “Give Me Something To Do”.

Good Morning is an Indie-Alternative band from Melbourne, Australia. It is a duo consisting of Stefan Blair, and Liam Parsons however, they collaborate with John Considine and James Macleod when playing live. They are currently with Solitaire Records, which has only been around since 2014; this was just about the only information I could find on it, as it was very limited.

I find this song very relaxic, and it has a very chill vibe to it. The first beginning half of the song has a very stylized jazz kind of sound to it, but at the same time it still sounds Indie. I think what gives it that jazz feel is the addition of the saxophone played by Glenn Blair, and the light slow and distinct guitar riff. This song starts out very slow leaving you with the impression that it will be that way throughout the whole song however, it gradually speeds up and the jazz style begins to diminish away as a result of vocals and sund of instrumentals. Around 2:30, it changes to a complete Indie sound. I find it really neat how diverse the sound in within the song; its completely unexpected, which is why its so brilliant to me. This song brings me some good vibes and stress relief, and I’m super stoked I discovered it when I did. Kids, give it a listen.

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